Making oral sex taste good

The last thing you as woman want to worry about when your lover is taking a trip downtown is what he (or she) is tasting. Of course you’re clean because you took a shower, used some Ivory soap and cold water to wash your lady parts. And though you want to taste like candy, trying to stick something sugary into your vagina is the number one way to make sure you have a yeast infection.

Your cum contains natural sugar, glucose and fructose to be exact, so your lady bits are naturally sweet. But if you want to be even tastier to your lover, try eating these foods:

  • Pineapples: Pineapple and other fruits have a good reputation for making semen and vaginal juices taste “better”, as opposed to meat and other foods with high fat content. To benefit you should increase the amount of pineapple or other fruits in your diet several days before sex, while simultaneously reducing your fat intake along with coffee, smoking, and drug use.
  • Mangoes: Originally from India, (hello, the Kama Sutra is Indian too) mangos have been around for over 4,000 years. According to legend, Buddha found peace in a mango grove. In modern day India, mangoes are considered a symbol of life.
  • Grapes: A naturally sweet fruit, eating grapes can not only make your heart healthier and control your cholesterol, but its sweetness also makes you taste better.
  • Kiwi: Sure there is nothing I can point to about this fruit other than the fact that it is very sweet. However, it is another fruit from the East. (KAMA SUTRA)

The taste of you or your mate during oral sex has a lot to do with your enjoyment of the act. And when you’re giving you all, you will find yourself highly aroused. These fruits make men and women taste better — just keep that in mind.

Happy lovin’!


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  2. Freakof thaweek
    Sep 30, 2010 @ 11:26:50

    Mmmmmm…….I love Pineapples!!!!!!!!!!!


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