Couples night at the Strip Club

So, this Valentine’s Day (night) I decided to skip the restaurants, the shows and the typical V-Day things.

I went to the strip club.  It wasn’t a surprise to see that there were other couples there. I guess this is the right gift for a guy to receive on Valentine’s Day.

However, if you take your man to the strip club leave your insecurities at the door. He’s going to look at other women. Hello, they’re naked. If you promised to buy him a lap dance, don’t get mad if he enjoys it. You’re the one going home with the erection.

Don’t give the dancers that jealous girl look. She doesn’t really want your man, just a tip from him or you. Instead of getting an attitude with her, study her moves. When you go home, you can surprise him with a sassy hip roll that will give him a rock hard dick.

I don’t suggest eating the food. Now, that’s just me but I worry about the flying sweat and coochie dander. However, I don’t eat in homes where there are pets either.

Don’t try to compete with the stripper in the club. You can give your man a lap dance at home and let him have sex in the champagne room. But hopping on his lap and bumping and grinding on him in the club is lame and you’re only embarrassing yourself.  The strippers are laughing at you.

Now, for some of you couples who are in the swinging lifestyle: Every couple’s night is not recruiting night. Especially on Valentine’s Day. Do you know how hard that man had to work to get that woman to come to the strip club and you’re talking  about a threesome? Please save that for a regular couple’s night.

All in all, going to the strip club with your man is a commitment you need to take seriously. You don’t want to be the cause of him having a horrible time when you agreed to go with or take him there.


This is a guest blog post by C.H.


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